The Best of April Fools Online Pranks 2014

Don’t you wish just once you could nail an April fools prank. Just once?!?

Every year we see brands and celebrities getting great PR just by participating in this day of pranks on un assuming consumers or fans. For April, we get to be a little more clever and funny, by pulling some friendly jokes to a bunch of people.

Since we all could use some more PR for our businesses in the future, I thought it was important to share with you the 5 best Online April Fools Pranks for 2014:

Coming in at number 5: Google Magic Hand by Google Japan

This handy device is designed to take all the stress out if your handheld devices to support a reduction of the ware and tear of your fingertips. See the video Here

Number 4: Be a Pokemon Monster by Google

Have you ever wanted to search for them Pokemons all your life? Google have made your dream come true… or maybe not! As an April Fools prank, Google created a fake competition wherein one will have to look for a Pokemon in real-life locations, and whoever gets to collect all will join Google as the Pokemon Monster!

Number 3: PetFi – WiFi Enabled Pet Collars by iiNet

PR April Fools iiNet

Simply put, Pet-Fi is a revolution in mobile broadband technology that offers fast wireless internet access without the need for any bulky modems or confusing cables. So even if you’re in the park walking the Dog you’ll have WiFi and Woofy right there by your side.

Number 2: Vegemite Energy iDrink 2.1 by Vegemite


Vegemite is probably the most Aussie thing one can ever get! It’s widely unappealing to anyone but Australians. In saying that it’s debatable as to whether you’re a real Aussie if you don’t like Vegemite. To the delight of some, Vegemite released a new product: Vegemite Energy iDrink 2.1. Would you dare drink it? I love Vegemite but I was relieved to realised it was all a prank!

Number 1: Gmail Shelfies by Google


If you have a Gmail account you may have seen this cheeky screen pop-up when you opened your emails today? So what is a shelfie? Well you know what a “selfie” is right? A photo you take of yourself of your most handsome angle that you want to share with the world. So a shelfie is a way you can share your selfie in the background of every email you send. Google explains. “As the pioneering platform for selfies, Gmail is committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the selfie space”.

Next year think of how you can capitalise on April fools, see if you can get some great PR with your prank. Create a Fandangle Product thats totally outrageous, Press Release or Blog with a something shocking to your audience and see how far you can take it… till 12pm of course.

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