Four Ways To Achieve Maximum Exposure On LinkedIn

If you didn’t already know, LinkedIn is one of the most crucial social media tools any business owner must utilise. In the piece I wrote about the perfect anatomy of a LinkedIn profile last

The Anatomy Of A Perfect & Effective LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is not as widely used as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest; but there’s one reason we should all get involved in it: it makes it easier for like-minded people to be connected and when

What The Color Of Your Logo Is Telling The Market?

Deciding how your official logo would look like requires much time and study. Your logo is the reflection of your brand. It is what people sees and remembers. I’m not trying to make it

Top 9 Things to Remember When Life Doesn’t Seem to be Going Your Way

Are you pulling yet another monkey wrench out of your wheels? Welcome to being human! You don’t have to let life knock you off your feet though. Here are the top 9 things to

Changes to Facebook’s Layout and What It Means For You

Facebook redesigning its user interface is nothing new to us. We have seen it a lot of times – just when we were already used to the social media giant’s look, they suddenly change

How and Why You Need To Know Your Average Order Value & Spend Per Sale

Do you know your average Order Value or Spend Per Sale? Or are you just guessing? We’re all looking for success in our marketing efforts, be it traditional or online marketing. We exert a

Finding Your Brand Personality

For over 40 years, Marketers have been using sophisticated techniques to segment their customers into smart demographic & psychographic sets. This is so they could establish the best way to to attract their ideal

Why Giving Up is a Good Thing

This will probably go against everything you’ve learnt, since we where kid’s we’ve been taught “never give up!” BUT the verdict is in… 85% of getting what you want is knowing what to give up to

11 Best Logo Fails of all time

In the business world, logos are very important. It defines your establishment and reflects the kind of service or product you offer to your customers. Besides loyalty, it is one thing that makes your